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Armenia to host a record accelerator within Sevan Startup Summit

For the first time, Armenia will hold an accelerator with investment fund of USD 100,000 - Sevan Startup Summit 2018, scheduled for July 22-29.

Seaside Startup Summit will do the investment. The prize fund will reach USD 50,000, and more than 30 startups will get monetary prizes in the field battles organized during the summit. The organizers also expect a number of investments, including angel funding, in total of USD 1 million.

For free participation startups need to register and fill in the application until May 14. Applications submitted after the indicated date will be paid. Starting from May 15 to June 4, the applicants will pay USD 30 per person, and starting from June 5 to June 30, the selected startups will pay USD 45 per person.

The organizers of the summit are planning to host more than 1000 entrepreneurs from all over the world. Sevan Startup Summit will be the gala event of the year, bringing together the winners of the summits organized in UAE and India, main stakeholders of local startup ecosystem, successful entrepreneurs, and investors.

“Taking into account the internationalization of Seaside Startup Summit, we set a goal of bringing together the key representatives of business community. We expect that the non-formal environment will foster the exchange of knowledge and experience between the stakeholders of global startup ecosystem,” said Sevan Startup Summit CEO Vahagn Rapyan.


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