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Mobile operators comment on prospects of 4G and 5G networks in Armenia

4G mobile networks allow a notable increase of speed of data transfer, providing 100 MB/s mobile and 1 GB/s fixed connection.

It has been predicted that subscribers across the globe will have 5G networks by 2020, which will secure incomparably high speed of data transfer, exceeding that of the 4G network. asked the three mobile operators of Armenia to comment on prospects of expanding the coverage of 4G network and introducing 5G network in the country.

Below you can read the answers we received from the operators.


“Beeline 4G operates in 15 cities of Armenia, providing the network’s capacities to 30% of our subscribers.

Beeline Armenia is already working on installation of 5G network. Our strategy anticipates the commercial launch of the network to take place before 2020.”


“As of now, services of the 4G network are available to 52.4% of our subscribers.

As a company that introduces plenty of new technologies and was the first to install 4G in Armenia, VivaCell-MTS attaches importance to assessment of cost-effectiveness, economic and social reasonability of installation of the network.

VivaCell-MTS will soon begin testing 5G technologies.”


“At the moment Ucom covers 65% of settlements in Armenia, which allows 88% of the population to use our 4G+ broadband mobile, up to 250 MB/s internet. Ucom’s mobile network is 4G+, not 4G. You can read about the differences between the two types here. In fact, global leader in broadband testing Ookla (Ireland) awarded Ucom with “The Fastest Mobile Network in Armenia 2017” award. According to the official results of the speed test, Ucom’s mobile internet is twice faster than that of the competitors.

Unfortunately, Ucom cannot remark on installation of 5G network, as the information on the company’s strategic plans, directions of development, and intentions to introduce new technologies in near or distant future is a trade secret.”

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