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Ralph Yirikian holds an open lesson for future leaders

In response to the Leadership School invitation, VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian had an open lecture entitled “Dream and Achieve” on September 29, 2017 at “Double Tree by Hilton” hotel.

Touching on the qualities and abilities required to become a leader, Ralph Yirikian highlighted the priority of knowing oneself. Identifying one’s own capabilities and capacities is an important prerequisite for self-development, necessary for turning dreams into true goals and finding creative solutions for their achievement.

“It is the openly facing with own strengths and weaknesses and nature that makes a human being into an individual, and moreover, a leader. In my opinion, the acquisition of qualities necessary for objective thinking starts from this point,” noted Ralph Yirikian.

“Recalling my life path, I cannot but say the following: not just the university education, but the clashes and failures of life and work difficulties that bring out “why this happened” and “how to find a solution” questions and impose to find answers. This is the way to develop analytical thinking, this is the way we recognize the limits of our opportunities, recognize the patterns of life, become self-confident and dare,” said Ralph Yirikian. Yirikian also warned the audience that becoming a leader should not be an end in itself. “Become a specialist; constantly work to expand your abilities, and becoming a leader will come by its own nature. The key both to your failure and success is in your hands.”

During the lecture, Ralph Yirikian drew the attention of those present to yet another important aspect of leadership – its moral side. As a successful business leader, he advised to emphasize not only what is formulated as a goal, but also ways to achieve that goal. The leader should lead people to the creation of such a value that will contribute to the creation of public good, which can be made solely through honest ways and means. Ralph Yirikian also spoke about being a good leader and a team player. “There is no strong leader without supporters, or a team. Teamwork is an important condition for the development of corporate culture,” said Ralph Yirikian.

The speaker emphasized that it is important for future leaders to learn to appreciate their time. The lecture was followed by an open discussion and question-answer session with the participants. Ralph Yirikian answered the questions of the participants related to the business sphere, the corporate management culture of the company and the qualities of a true leader. Ralph Yirikian ended the lecture by encouraging the participants to not fear making mistakes: “If you are not making mistakes, it means that you are not doing anything. It is important to leave the comfort zone. Fear of everything new and unfamiliar is a serious obstacle for self-growth and development.”

“There are hundreds of books on leadership; renowned institutions carry out research on various aspects of leadership. Humanity has valuable information about the leaders of different periods. Throughout history, we have had many selfless and dedicated leaders who have pursued the mission of supporting our national identity, and creating material and spiritual values. I am convinced that business leaders of today should be guided by the same values,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

The participation to the event was free. The participants also had the opportunity to register online on the Leadership School website.

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