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Davit Andreasyan’s Inmates psychological horror game introduced in Gamescom 2017

Game designer Davit Andreasyan introduced his Inmates psychological horror game in Gamescom 2017 games exhibition in Cologne, Germany.

Iceberg Interactive in the Netherlands is the publisher of Inmates.

Davit Andreasyan told in an interview to that he created the game in Yerevan, on his own. It took 2 years to complete the work.

“The main hero Jonathan is awoken from a nightmare in a prison cell. He has no idea how he had got there. He is terrified and confused, but he feels something else: a painful sense of familiarity. The player has to solve riddles and overcome various challenges to understand what had happened to Jonathan,” he remarked.

Davit Andreasyan told that the web version of the game will be available throughout the world in the beginning of this autumn. You will be able to download it from Steam platform at USD 9,99.

“I had the idea of creating this game long ago. First I wrote the story and then I started creating an environment for 3D models. One day I decided to change the scenario and wrote a completely different story. I am very grateful to my close friends for helping me develop the game,” Davit Andreasyan said.

Davit Andreasyan

Davit Andreasyan

Touching upon his participation in Gamescom 2017, Davit mentioned about the news conference on the game, attended by about 30 international journalists. According to him, everyone was impressed.

Narine Daneghyan

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