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29 Apr 2018

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VivaCell-MTS employees continue voluntary initiatives

The willingness to be useful to the country and the society has for many years united the employees of VivaCell-MTS around the idea of volunteering. The denial of indifference and the guidance by responsibility are close to the hearts of employees of a company, which has been operating in Armenia for more than ten years. They strive to be where there is a real opportunity to extend a helping hand and to support in a coordinated manner. The material means for the regularly provided support is initiated by the employees representing various departments of the organization.

Following the April events of 2016, employees of the Finance and Accounting Department came up with yet another initiative to be useful. After a visit to the Central Military Hospital the employees of the department undertook providing monthly AMD 100-150 thousand to each of the families of three homeland defenders who developed serious health issues after the fights. Since May 2016 the families have so far received more than AMD 3.5 million. One-time financial support has been provided to two families; bathrooms and toilet rooms have been renovated for the families of another two soldiers. The volunteers have additionally donated AMD 1.7 million more of personal means.

“I am proud of our employees’ initiative. It’s a pleasure to see them unite around a shared system of values. This is not the first year this particular department implements a voluntary project and becomes useful to our compatriots. The manifested philanthropy and investments are not to be overestimated,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

With a purpose of being useful to the soldiers with disabilities VivaCell-MTS team cooperates with the “Support to injured soldiers and people with combat disabilities” NGO and has provided a medical go-cart to the “Qaylmed” rehabilitation center. The group of volunteers managed to get the cart required for the therapy at significantly lower price thus helping the specialists in avoiding the need to hire the equipment. After purchasing all the required details of the go-cart it has assembled in Armenia. Its mechanism makes it easily adjustable for individual needs of the patients.

The Finance and Accounting Department of VivaCell-MTS plans to provide three more carts to the rehabilitation center till end of the year. The support volunteered by the department totals to around AMD 6 million.

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